Year: 2023./2024.

Project type: interior design

Location: Zadar, Croatia


In this meticulously designed family home in Zadar, the harmony of space and materials tells a story of a home created without compromise. Every corner of the house, stretching through the ground floor and the first floor, is the result of careful listening and understanding of its owners’ wishes. From the first step on the Galeković parquet, which brings a sense of home atmosphere with its warm shades, to the specially made furniture that fits into every space as if it has always been part of it, the dedication to details is evident.

The kitchen, as the center of family gatherings, stands out with a Jupiter quartz worktop, whose robustness and elegance blend with functionality and style. The stairs, made from exquisite Caesar Ceramics tiles, not only connect the floors but also become a central visual element, a kind of art installation that elevates the aesthetics of the interior to a higher level.



In the living room, simplicity and elegance meet, creating a space that is both open for socializing and perfect for personal moments of rest. The airiness and natural light flooding the rooms further emphasize the carefully selected furniture and decorations, which with their simplicity and fine lines complement every conversation and quiet moment.

The bedrooms are sanctuaries of peace, designed with an emphasis on softness and comfort, where every dream descends on Galeković parquet like a quiet river of dreams. Here, at the end of the day, every family story finds its place and peace.



The final touch in this palette of interiors are the bathrooms, where function and form permeate the space, creating an oasis of relaxation and personal time.

This home in Zadar is more than a collection of rooms; it is a place where every detail was carefully chosen to reflect the character and lifestyle of the family that inhabits it, creating a space that not only provides shelter but also inspires and nurtures the spirit.





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