Location: Podstrana, Croatia

Project Type and Year: Interior Design, 2022

Engulfed in an ambiance where warm, earthy tones rule, the interior spaces become a sanctuary of calm and serenity, providing a tranquil respite for both mind and body. The nurturing browns, soothing tans, and gentle oranges weave a tapestry of understated elegance and comfort across every room, facilitating an environment that softly whispers invitations to relax and unwind. This dominant palette, while seemingly simple, plays a pivotal role in crafting spaces that are not just visually appealing but also intrinsically connected to the essence of nature and earth.



Each room, while bound by this thematic hue, carries a unique personality, imparted by meticulously chosen details and accents. A subtle play between shadow and light is achieved through thoughtfully positioned lighting, while wall decor, sometimes abstract and at times vividly realistic, punctuate the spaces with occasional bursts of creativity and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s an antique mirror reflecting the gentle flicker of candlelight or a contemporary piece of art that silently speaks a thousand words, every detail is a chapter in a story, making these spaces not merely areas of repose but a narrative of aesthetic and emotion.



Stepping onto the covered terrace, a subtle transition greets the senses, where gentle light tones echo the warmth found within the interior yet introduce a fresher, lighter chapter of the same comforting narrative. Here, the confines of walls give way to an expansive embrace of the open air, while maintaining a comforting continuity through materials and colors that respond to those found inside. The terrace becomes a liminal space, blurring the boundaries between the cozy interior and the boundless exterior, inviting one to explore relaxation in a different, yet familiar, setting.



Ascending to the rooftop terrace, a magnificent transformation unfolds. The earthy, warm tones recede, giving way to a palette that mirrors the sprawling expanse of the Adriatic sea before it. Here, deep blues, reminiscent of the endless ocean, blend seamlessly with rich ochres, echoing the breathtaking hues painted across the horizon as the sun gently dips below it. Accents of rose, recalling the romantic patina of weather-beaten ships, dot the space, lending it a timeless, slightly nostalgic air.

In this elevated space, the sea does not merely serve as a stunning backdrop; it permeates every essence of the terrace, becoming a tangible part of its identity. The soft murmur of waves, the gentle caress of the sea breeze, and the hypnotic dance of light upon the water’s surface all entwine to forge a space that is not just beside the sea but of the sea. A spectacular symbiosis is birthed, where the boundaries between the built environment and the natural world softly blur, intertwining in a harmonious dance that becomes the epitome of a perfect, serene vacation.

Thus, from the grounded, nurturing warmth of the interior to the elevated, refreshing embrace of the sea at the rooftop, this dwelling becomes more than a mere place to stay. It transforms into an immersive journey, where each space, each tone, and each detail is a step towards crafting memories enveloped in tranquility and natural harmony. A sanctuary where the earthly and the aquatic converge, offering a timeless escape into a world where every moment is a gentle caress of nature and every day a step into a serene narrative of rest and relaxation.


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