Year: 2022.

Project type: Interior design project

Location: Vrana Lake, Croatia


We all carry memories of long, warm Dalmatian summers – the melody of birds chirping that inhabit the nature park and the magical spectacle of sunsets that the Zadar landscape proudly displays. Although the days of summer are behind us, let this story take us on a short journey back, to the heart of Dalmatia.

Our vision of a rest house, located near Lake Vrana, intertwines with the idea of a space that prolongs the joys of summer, enriches dreamy autumn, in winter days lures into its warm embrace, and in spring awakens with a desire to enjoy morning coffee under gentle sun rays.




The shape of the parcel, elongated from east to west, and the specificity of the access position, shaped the organization of space and the orientation of the villa. While the structure itself is placed with respect to the southern sun, common relaxation and enjoyment zones are facing west, offering a view towards the setting sun. This natural phenomenon inspired us to create a space that can fully surrender to the sun or protect from it when needed. Our shield? Wooden decor that indirectly pays tribute to the natural shade of trees – future greenery that will adorn the parcel when the olives grow.

The extraordinary design of the house was realized with special respect to the unique location in the Vrana Lake nature park. The exterior is harmonized with simple lines that resonate with the spirit of old coastal houses, the richness of local stone, a modern interpretation of narrow windows, and large glass walls that “catch” breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and connect the interior with external charms.

The ground floor of the villa is conceived to provide comfort in the common living space during winter, while in summer the entire space opens towards the swimming pool and terrace with a barbecue. With a total of four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a terrace with a hydro-massage pool on the first floor, the villa offers attractive vistas towards spectacular sunsets.



Contrary to the exterior that invites internal peace, the interior takes you on an adventure. One of the largest marsh areas, which is also an ornithological reserve, became our inspiration early in the project. We brought the outside world inside – creating a natural habitat for numerous bird species that inhabit here.

The birdwatching adventure unfolds within the interior as well. The idea was to create a sense of their presence, which we achieved through carefully chosen wall wallpapers and ceramic tiles that bring elements of nature into each room. Lighting throughout the space is inspired by birds, branches, and cages, while mirrors, sinks, and nightstands, together with other smaller pieces of furniture, were chosen in nature themes, bringing the interpretation of trees and stone pebbles into the interior.



Dreaming of the upcoming dreamy autumn, we imagined how wonderful it would be to spend it in front of the villa’s fireplace, on a spacious, comfortable sofa, wrapped in a hygge-style blanket, with the sound of crackling wood and the scent of warm tea, coffee, or mulled wine.

With warm, cordial thoughts,

Your team, 4UHA

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