Year: 2022

Project type: Interior design project

Location: Zagreb

The task of the project was to design the interior of a vape shop that would stand out from the ones already on the market with its elegance, simple form, and timeless style. The space consists of two zones – the sales area and a storage area separated by sliding doors with a tea kitchen and a separate toilet. Materials such as wood and quartz were chosen in the planning process to achieve the desired effect of timeless elegance. Reflective cladding and golden details were used for an elegant touch, which extend throughout the space through lighting and line elements.


We have also created a more pleasant and fresh feeling in the space by adding plants. Plants in the sales area add dynamics to the space, while in the storage and toilet areas we have incorporated green through wall coverings. To give the space the character of a vape shop, we have selected circular elements that extend over the hanging lighting and display areas, reminiscent of smoke rings.


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