Year: 2022.

Project type: conceptual design

location: Krašograd, Bratina


Krašograd Eco-park, located near Pisarovina, is a green oasis ready for a visual identity revitalization. As one of the pioneers of thematic parks in Croatia, Krašograd has evolved over the years by experimenting with various content, creating a unique spatial mosaic. Our mission was to clearly zone the park thematically, providing a foundation for its gradual transformation and the full realization of the urban concept.



The park’s most significant success currently lies in hosting weddings. Therefore, we designed several specific micro-locations dedicated to these ceremonies. The primary architectural innovation involved merging the restaurant and bistro through a shared kitchen, thereby elevating the overall service quality of the entire eco-park. The visual identity was expanded throughout the park, further enhancing the appearance of accommodation units, as well as administrative and auxiliary buildings.




This project, rich in its complexity, is transforming Krašograd from its roots while respecting its rich history. We are incredibly excited about the upcoming completion and proud to be part of the transformation that will enrich the memories of Krašograd’s visitors.




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