year: 2022.

location: Hvar, Croatia

project type: tourist resort


Imagine a place where traditional Dalmatian stone merges with modern architecture, where the Mediterranean breeze gently plays with the branches of olive trees, and the view is lost in the endless azure of the sea. This is not a dream scenario; it is a new tourist village on Hvar – an oasis of peace waiting to tell its story.

In this village, each villa is carefully positioned to make the most of the natural light and beautiful vistas. Large floor-to-ceiling glass doors are not just architectural elements but windows to a world where the blue of the sky meets the surface of the sea. Here, every day begins with a spectacular sunrise and ends with a starry sky that takes your breath away.



The village is designed with an emphasis on privacy and comfort. Whether you’re relaxing on the edge of an infinity pool, reading a book in the shade of an olive tree, or indulging in local culinary delicacies on your terrace, every corner is created for enjoyment. And then, when you crave adventure, the treasures and beauties of the island are within reach.

The walls of these villas tell a story of attention and love for details. The interior is equipped with the intention of making every guest feel at home, with luxurious touches that make life sweet. There is a blend of functionality and aesthetics, where each item has its purpose and contributes to a sense of completeness.



This project is not just a collection of beautiful buildings; it is the fruit of collaboration, unity, and a shared vision. Every meeting, every sketch, and every challenge we have overcome has brought us a step closer to realizing this vision. And now, as we look back and see what we have achieved, it is clear that every moment of valuing ideas, every suggestion, and every discussion was worthwhile.


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