Year: 2022

Project type: Main project for the reconstruction of a family house, exterior project, interior project

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

We present to you the project of an elegant villa consisting of an indoor pool, sauna, beautiful central skylight, elevator, and a stunning view of the Medvednica nature park. The villa is situated on the edge of the park, allowing residents to enjoy a peaceful and green environment with a beautiful view of nature.



The indoor pool will be built in accordance with the latest standards, equipped with modern water filtration and heating systems, enabling year-round enjoyment. The sauna will be built with special attention to detail to provide a top-notch relaxation experience.



The beautiful central skylight will be a majestic addition to the villa’s interior. The elevator is installed to facilitate access to all floors of the villa.

The villa is located in an exceptional location on the edge of the Medvednica nature park, providing residents with a beautiful natural environment and a view of the green hills. The project is carefully planned and executed to ensure functionality, comfort, and maximum aesthetic appeal.


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