Location: island Brač, Croatia

Project type: residential building


Breathtaking panoramic views often serve as the primary inspiration behind architectural masterpieces. Nestled on the northern coastline of Brač Island, this modern villa embodies that very sentiment. Every aspect of this dwelling has been meticulously crafted to accentuate and celebrate the stunning vistas spanning the sea and the city of Split.



The design of our villa distinctly demarcates the living and private spaces. Despite this clear separation, we’ve ingeniously integrated a central hub that serves a dual purpose. Beyond acting as a connector and divider based on necessity, it predominantly introduces visitors to the enchanting panoramic view as they step into the villa.



The magic further unfolds on the first floor. Here, the expansive terraces adjoined the bedrooms open up to even wider and more arresting sceneries, cultivating a sense of unity with nature and the encompassing landscape. Each of these terraces transforms into a serene retreat, perfect for soaking in the ageless allure of Dalmatia.

More than just a structure, this villa represents a gateway to the heavenly realm of Brač Island and its myriad offerings.


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